Fabian Frazscher Fratzscher Facilitation e.U.

Create sustainable Change!


Are you an entrepreneur or a HR manager in a medium-sized company?

Do you want your employees to work with full enthusiasm and to give your company new impetus so that progress happens?

Do you wish to position your company in the best possible way for the future by uncovering open potential for profit increase, aligning it in a strategically well thought-out way and saving valuable working time?

I help you to find solutions: 

a sustainable change.


Your business is complex and there are good reasons

why change is fraught with obstacles.

My concern is to work with you to find solutions that work and require as little effort as possible. I support you to implement them successfully.

This is how I support you

Inspire passion for work among your employees and managers

Make your company successful with foresight and courage

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Hello, my name is Fabian Fratzscher.

This is how I work
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I work with different companies.

From those with 20 employees and corporations that are known to everyone in the world. With employees and managing directors, from handcraft to high-tech.

My clients build computers and trains, look after children, refugees or disabled people, sell furniture and accessories, build water treatment plants or energy technology systems worldwide, offer facility services for large public companies, brew beer, design buildings or agile development processes for products.

4.85 / 5
average customer satisfaction


in  550+ seminar days

1,500+ participants

(Status 10/2016 - 06/2021)

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Mr. Fratzscher accompanied us very professionally and successfully on several exams. With his structured and calm manner, he creates an atmosphere that enables productive learning from one another and intensive exchange. Mr. Fratzscher was also particularly valued for his strong goal and process orientation and his ability to moderate groups in such a way that an ideal mix between solution focus and freedom for discussion is created. His very good communication skills always ensure a clear framework and an appreciative attitude. Thanks for your support!

Moderation of exams

Project management, company anonymously upon request

I perceived Mr. Fratzscher as a very relaxed, structured, sensitive, results-oriented seminar leader. He led the process very calmly and despite differing opinions on the matter, he never lost the thread of conversation or let the group get lost in the details. In doing so, Mr. Fratzscher ensured a respectful, appreciative atmosphere for discussion. He had prepared himself very well for the workshops, presented the previously discussed agenda at the beginning, led the group through the agenda point by point, summarized the results after each agenda item so that as a group member you always knew exactly in which phase of the Process one was. As a result, at the end of the process everyone involved knew which next steps had to be taken to solve the problem.

Strategy development

Team leader, company anonymously upon request

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I used several team supervisions with Mr. Fratzscher and was very satisfied. He guided the group and me through the processes well by giving everyone the floor, but also calmly and friendly reprimanded when the process was slowed down by people. He brought a lot of structure and thus also efficiency to the problem-solving for me.


Team supervision

Team leader, company anonymously upon request  

In order to create improved communication processes with selected colleagues and a space for reflection on specific work processes, we took advantage of coaching from Mr. Fratzscher in Vienna. Mr. Fratzscher kept an eye on the essentials in the process. In combination with his calm and clear way of working, we were able to work goal-oriented. The results have a positive effect on our togetherness.


Innovation manager, company anonymously upon request

This is how I support you

Inspire passion for work among your employees and managers

Make your company successful with foresight and courage

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