Spark an "intrapreneur spirit" among
your employees

so that they act in entrepreneurial and innovative ways,
they want to take responsibility and 
work with as much passion as you do.

You miss initiative from your employees.


You think they don't think along enough, they hardly involve themselves.

Your company needs innovations in order to survive in the market.

However, ideas cannot only come from you.

You have tried a lot to get your workforce on board.

But you are not yet satisfied with the results.

Your competitive spirit says: There's still room for improvement.

Sound familiar?


This is the average employee motivation for approx. 21,000 employees 2001-2020 in Germany. Austria and Switzerland are almost on a par.

~ 68%
low loyalty to the company

Service by the book

~ 18% 

no loyalty

internally quit

~ 14%

high bond

Your drivers

What does it cost you?

On average, the 18% of employees who quit internally cost each company between ~ € 16,800 - 20,000.

A terminated employee costs the company around € 43,000.

Money that you should use to move your company forward.

And effort that you then save.

With "The Intrapreneur" I support you,


to find and implement exactly such framework conditions,

that your employees need to get started.


And which can be implemented with a manageable effort.

What are the top reasons employees are demotivated?

Use the survey template to record the most important motivation killers from the point of view of your employees and managers with little effort.

This allows you to draw conclusions about where you need to start in order to inspire passion for work among your employees.

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What brought Fabian Fratzscher to deal with the topic?

Sweat and tears. Work and success.


The Intrapreneur
was born.


Your mission is ...
to spark an "intrapreneur spirit" among your employees with my help,

so that they act entrepreneurially and innovatively,

they want to take responsibility and 
work with as much passion as you do.

Challenge accepted?
These are your steps:

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Skizzieren Schwarzes Brett

When you are short on time:

In 2 weeks you have created a maximum of time that you need to develop your employees to work independently with passion.

Get packed inspiration
to make your mission

Your added value:

  • If you follow the instructions in the video, your effort will be amortized after 2 weeks at the latest. You then got the most out of your short-term delegable time. Time to develop your employees to work independently.


  • You have defined strategies for yourself so that you can delegate even more tasks in the medium term. This gives you even more time to create framework conditions that allow your employees to work with heart and soul.

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My principles at work 

You know what you get and

get what we aggree on.

That means:

  1. You know whether I will add value for you,  before you spend any money.                                                                         

  2. If you are not happy with your investment you get your money back.

Can Fabian Fratzscher support you in your situation?


Get in  "The planning"

and find out.

Arrange a  20 min 

Exploratory phone call 

directly with Fabian Fratzscher

Skizzieren Schwarzes Brett

You want to

continue working


We will then meet for a second, virtual conversation

Set the goal and understand the causes


So you have the strength and  the necessary fire to turn desire into reality:

To motivate your employees to work with passion.

The result?

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         You have ...

  • a clear picture of your current situation
    in relation to the actions of your employees

  • an actionable goal in mind .
    This gives you a clear guideline for implementation and the drive to achieve it. This is measurable, realistic and corresponds to the time frame that you and others in your company have available for implementation.

  • a priority list of the obstacles to be removed in order to accomplish the mission.
    I make sure that you look at the situation from a multi-layered perspective in order to come as close as possible to the often complex reality of this topic .​

You now know whether you want to delve deeper into the subject yourself or whether you want to be supported by Fabian Fratzscher.

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You are commited?

I'm a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of  your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site  visitors a little bit about you and your services.

3. The starter kit

You know exactly how to achieve your goal successfully.

  • You have tailored measures and tools that will bring you to your goal with little effort.

  • You have a clear timetable of when to implement what.

  • You know the challenges ahead and you know what to do about it.

  • and that in just 3 weeks and 12 hours of your time.

With this, you can put the mission into action.

4. The converter

You implement the biggest chunk of your mission with my help.

  • These are the 3 most effective framework conditions that will turn your employees into Intrapreneurs.

  • in just 10 weeks and 40 hours of your time.


My job is: I make sure you achieve your mission.

  • I will help you focus on what is important.

  • I will help you to implement your measures in your own way and suitable for your company.

  • I help you to find solutions to challenges - whenever you need it.


Pat yourself on the shoulder. Your employees become Intrapreneurs.

5. The platform

You establish a solid and self-renewing intrapreneurial culture in your company.

  • Your employees and managers have the relevant knowledge and skills that they need as Intrapreneurs. They apply that. Day after day.

  • You have a solid (digital) training platform. And thus save costs for every new employee in your company.

  • and that in 5-40 weeks and only 15 hours of your time.

This is how others experienced the collaboration

Cooperation throughout the program

Management of Fratzscher Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH

Digital further education

on "The Platform"


Fratzscher meat and sausage products GmbH

Executive coaching

Team leader Auftakt GmbH

Team coaching

Team leader JAW

What characterizes the work of Fabian Fratzscher

Why is it so difficult to inspire real commitment among your employees in your company?

Your added value:

You will receive ideas for a solution and a € 30 voucher for the next collaboration with Fratzscher Facilitation eU

Do you want to know exactly what you are getting?