That  Starter kit

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Contents in detail

Module 1: The preselection

  • Based on your defined goals, you will now work out exactly the mix of measures that you consider to be the most appropriate and effective in your company in order to create an entrepreneurial mindset among employees and managers. Fabian Fratzscher suggests which tools you can use to set inexpensive adjustment screws. You then work with him to adapt this to your situation.


Module 2: The employee survey

  • After this pre-selection, the opinion of your employees is relevant: Do they also find that the chosen measures would motivate them? Are there any obstacles that absolutely need to be removed? 

  • A mix of anonymous surveys and interviews with selected employees via video telephony with Fabian Fratzscher ensures that you get honest and open answers from your employees and the managers concerned. You have now comprehensively examined the topic and can make an informed decision in the next step.  


Module 3: The finishing touches

  • Fabian Fratzscher will present the results of the surveys to you so that you can quickly get an idea of the situation. The measures you have preselected will now be fine-tuned by considering together with Fabian Fratzscher how they can be adapted in order to be even more effective. With a fully developed set of measures, you now know what to do.


Module 4: The project plan

  • These measures now need to be poured into a well-thought-out project plan that is adapted to your situation, so that they can be implemented in your company in a cost-saving manner. 

  • To do this, you anticipate any obstacles that may arise during implementation and take countermeasures into account in the planning in order to circumvent them. The results from the surveys of your employees can be an important aid in this regard. In addition, ask colleagues and friends in your network for feedback on what you need to consider in the implementation. This will help you create a solid project plan. 

  • From this you create a project plan together with Fabian Fratzscher. Three days after the end of the interview, you will receive a revised project plan that gives you a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done and when in order to achieve your goal: developing responsible, motivated and innovative employees.