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Implementation of training formats

The process in detail

Step 1: Clarification of framework conditions

  • For this package you define your own objectives and framework conditions. The following key question needs to be clarified: What knowledge and skills do your employees and managers need in order to become carriers of the intra-entrepreneurial mindset in your company so that this is firmly established in the broad workforce? It can be helpful to include the experiences of those managers who made a significant contribution in the implementation phase. With our help, you make the goals measurable, especially what learning progress your employees should achieve, how you can measure it and what should be taught and practiced with which media and to what extent. In this way you achieve a precision landing: Your employees learn where they need it and thus save resources.


Step 2: Development of the content

  • The previously agreed content will now be created by us in cooperation with experts from your company who have been commissioned to do so. This means you can be sure that the content is tailored to your company and that it is prepared in such a way that it also reaches your employees.

  • In addition, a feedback step is taken before the actual publication of the materials or the live mediation. A few selected employees then give feedback on the beta version and the content is then improved if necessary. This is valuable, because your broad workforce is guaranteed to receive first-class knowledge, the learning progress is greater and you save on personnel costs.

  • The teaching is based on the logic of experience-based learning, which awakens the intrinsic motivation of your employees to learn. Your employees learn for practice and not only because they have to, but because they are enthusiastic.

Step 3: Learning process

  • your employees learn. So that you can ensure that this really applies to everyone, they are accompanied in their learning process, for example if there are difficulties in using the platform or if a motivational boost is needed. 

  • Depending on the agreement, your employees are already given application tasks that they can use independently, for example in their professional practice, and have to submit the results online, as well as online learning success checks. We and, if necessary, an employee from your company comment on them so that their learning effect is increased many times over: You learn effectively from suggestions for improvement and praise and your employees not only know, but also can.

  • If required, you will receive regular progress reports so that you have an overview of what is happening.


Step 4: Implementation

  • In order to deepen the skills even further, the respective superiors are included in the learning environment. So that they know what has been taught, they have already been briefed or have gone through the learning path themselves, depending on the agreement. Together with you, we develop concrete application tasks for the employees, which ensure the practical transfer. Your managers work with us to clock these tasks into an implementation project plan. This way you can be sure that what you have learned will not just fizzle out, but rather contribute to the change you desire. You will also get regular progress reports here, so you can see that the goal is being met.

  • Depending on requirements, face-to-face workshops can also be important, for example when it comes to carrying out product development in practice. In doing so, a variety of learning receptors are activated in your employees and strong impulses are possible.

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