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We work with employees of different company sizes and industries. Here you can see the most important reasons why they lose motivation. 

Die Top-Motivationskiller bei Mitarbeitern

Motivationskiller aus Sicht von MA


Would you like to give your opinion as an employee?


Aus Sicht der Führungsebene sind es andere Faktoren:

Would you like to give your opinion as a manager?

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First Learning

Employees see managers as responsible, 
managers the employees.
In order to arrive at a common picture between both parties, this fact needs to be exchanged.
Only then can change happen.

It may be different in your company.
Do you want to find out what the situation is like in your company?

Your benefit

The 5 most essential questions about the top motivation killers will help you to draw initial conclusions about where you have to start in your company in order to achieve your mission:

To awaken an "intrapreneurial spirit" among your employees.

Your effort

  • 10 min communication to the workforce

  • 10 min evaluation of the results

  • 2 min   Survey / respondent

The survey runs via GoogleForms, so anyone with a smartphone or laptop can easily complete it.