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Your added value:

With my help, you carry out most of your mission.

These are the 3 most effective framework conditions that will turn your employees into Intraprneurs.

- in just 10 weeks and 40 hours of your time.


My job there:

I make sure you achieve your mission:

  • I will help you focus on what is important.

  • I will help you to implement your measures in your own way and for your company.

  • I help you to find solutions to challenges - whenever you need it.


Pat yourself on the shoulder. Your employees become intransigent.


Your 3 basic conditions have been implemented or you will be reimbursed proportionately of the costs. If you want an alternative, we will work together until you achieve the agreed upon goal. 



The content in detail

Module 1: Reality check target definition, project plan

  • At the beginning of the cooperation, we check the target definition from "The planning" again for fit and adapt it to your current situation if necessary. This is an important step, especially for this comprehensive package, which lasts over 10 weeks, so that you have a really realistic goal in mind, which is different after the 10 weeks of cooperation than before.

  • Your project plan is already available from the "The Starter Kit" package. This still needs fine-tuning by focusing on what you see as the three critical framework conditions during implementation. These bring the greatest effect in your company and it is profitable for you to implement them with external support. For this, the appropriate framework conditions must be set by clarifying which support services you need from me.

  • The finished project plan concludes the module.

Module 2, 4, 6: The implementation

  • In these modules you successfully implement each of the three framework conditions with my support. The measures are implemented step by step by the responsible persons in your company, while I work as required. The planning can turn out to be in need of improvement in the implementation, which is why it may have to be adapted. For this, a regular review of the chosen route is necessary. In weekly reviews and coaching sessions with me, you make sure that you choose the best possible path and that you get exactly the clarity you need in the implementation. In addition, you have unlimited phone and email support. This keeps the momentum high and the necessary change that you want actually establishes itself.

  • Once the framework conditions have been implemented, it is time to celebrate: Treat yourself to something in the free time you have gained, because your employees will give you air.


Module 3, 5: Learning from colleagues

  • Within the 10 weeks you or your responsible managers have the opportunity in weeks 3 and 8 to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs via video conference. Like you, they are currently implementing their own framework conditions and have similar challenges to yours or have already solved them. Through an exchange with other entrepreneurs, they learn how they have solved their challenges and receive inspiration and support from practitioners like you. You also have the option of expanding your network. 

The content as a graphic

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This is how others experienced the collaboration


Package price


Satisfaction also means that you will find a suitable solution within a reasonable period of time and at a fair price-performance ratio. We will clarify details in an individual conversation. At this point, it would be unserious on my part to state a price, which depends on many different factors, such as the framework conditions to be implemented and additional services.

In any case, the initial consultation is free of charge for you.

Intensive, personal collaboration :

  • unlimited phone and email support 

  • fully personal and individual support by Fabian Fratzscher  

Success guarantee :

Your 3 frameworks are implemented or you will be reimbursed proportionally. Alternatively, if you want, we will work together until you reach the agreed goal. 

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